Make More Money out of Machining

At Mechmatrix we facilitate companies into machining “Make More Money out of Machining” through process Improvement to enable  your Machining become More Profitable for You.

About Us

For Companies doing CNC machining and Buyers/Dealers of CNC tooling , Carbide cutting tools and Tool Room Machinery, Mechmatrix, enables Reduction of Monthly sourcing Costs  by 30 %+.

MechMatrix Nashik

What We Do


Cutting Tools Division

  • Establishing methods to reduce Cycle Time
  • Tool selection
  • Proving Out Tool performance on Customers machine shop
  • Process & Productivity improvement consultancy
  • Cost per component reduction services
  • CNC Technical support services.


Machine Tool Division

  • Consultancy services for Machine selection
  • Pre-Sales & After-Sales services
  • Annual Maintenance contracts
  • Preventive maintenance services.


Metal Working Fluids

  • Coolant Monitoring & Management services
  • Coolant Consumption meter Benchmarking services
  • Training services on Handling Coolants & Industrial lubricants.



  • Workshops on CNC Machining
  • Basic & advanced Cutting Tool fundamentals
  • Working with Metal working fluids
  • Toolholding & Workholding.

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