About Us

Company Profile

Set up in the year 1999 in an industrial suburb of Nashik as Dealers in Engineering products, we have built up strength by strength a variety of products segments for the Metal Cutting Industry and today have an impressive line-up of products and services consisting of Capital Equipment such as Machine Tools, Work Holding Devices to Consumables such as Precision Cutting Tools, Metal Working Fluids, CNC Tool Storage systems, Pre-setting and Tool Inspection Equipment.

# The Mechmatrix advantage

“Higher Machining Profitability per Machine Hour.” 

Our corporate philosophy is driven by our endeavour to:

  • Increase machining Profitability for our Customers
  • Implement world Class practices in Manufacturing activities for productivity improvement
  • Enable our Customer become Successful in his Business.

#   Mechmatrix Value Proposition

Mechmatrix offers Customers Superior Technical Support services, bringing Substantial Cost reductions in machining activities and Increase in Profitability to your machining process, at a price proportionately Lower than the benefits you Enjoy.

#   Mechmatrix Positioning statement

Mechmatrix is your Partner in Productivity, which makes Machining – A more Profitable activity for you, amongst other suppliers of Machinery, CNC Cutting Tools and Metal working Fluids because we offer the Most Profitable methods of manufacturing by Increasing your Process Efficiency. 

> For Machine Tools: Consultancy – Machine evaluation & Selection, Training, Pre-Sales & After Sales services, Annual maintenance contracts, Preventive maintenance services.

> For Cutting Tools: Tool selection, Proving Tool performance, Process & Productivity improvement guidance, Cycle time reduction, Cost per component reduction, Technical support services.

> For Metal Working Fluids: Coolant management & monitoring services, Coolant cost benchmarking, Coolant consumption meter dashboards, Training, Handling, maintaining & extending Coolant life, Annual coolant cost reduction consultancy.

#   Our Mission

Our Mission is to Assist Companies into machining Make More Money out of Machining through process improvement; thereby Enabling our Customer to become more successful in his Business.

#   Our Values

  • Customer Success: We shall ensure Valid Customer expectations are exceeded consistently during each interaction (moment of truth). We shall strive to continually achieve Customer delight by providing a superior & Enjoyable experience.
  • Employee Success: As our company grows – so shall all the team members associated with us. Through systematic review, Appraisal, Learning, Skill development and Variable pay mechanisms.

#   Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose is “To enable our Customer to become more Successful in his Business.

#   Our Vision

  • to achieve the status of “Preferred Business Partner “in our chosen product and Customer segments by 2022-23.
  • to achieve minimum 25% market share with network of 100 dealers on 50 cities.
  • to achieve growth of team members & stakeholders along with the growth of the company.

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