How to Save up-to 50% time and money in secondary machining operations?

Secondary Machining operations such as chamfering edges of irregular shaped components , Square holes, Hex Holes and irregular shaped Bores can be frustrating and time consuming headache for machinists.

Many a times the situation is compounded by inconsistent results and dimensions during chamfering. It makes chamfering these odd shaped edges a skill based activity increasing operator dependency rather than being process dependent.

Hence chances of Rejections go up. Would you agree?

Innovative products for chamfering the edges of square holes and irregular profiles can be achieved easily and economically with the Portable Quick Handy chamfer machines.

Now, you can comfortably get excellent edge chamfers on difficult shapes.

It is suitable for chamfering of both internal and external edges. Ideal for Forgings , Cast and machined components.

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