How to kill bacteria in CNC Coolant Tank

Metalworking fluid is a blend of many chemicals that’s main job is to help oil emulsify (mix) into water. Many years ago, this fluid contained carcinogens, Now many countries prohibit from both sale and dumping down the drain.

Without the carcinogens, metalworking fluid is not resistant to bacteria growth and in the right conditions, in a short amount of time, sumps can go from having only a few hundred microbes per milliliter, to over 1 million!

# Solutions to Combat Bacteria :-

There are a few ways to try and eliminate, or lower the bacteria count within metalworking coolant, but only one way to kill all bacteria and fungus—ozone treatment.

An alternative method used most often is chemical treatment with biocides. Unfortunately, this is only a ‘band aid solution’—much like painting rusted metal. More importantly, biocides are dangerous to employees, expensive, reduce coolant life, and ultimately do not eliminate the problem.

# Another method used in machining operations is by skimming and filtration. These systems do work as part of a fluid management program, but do not eliminate the bacteria without ozone treatment. The only effective solution is to add an ozone generator to these systems.

# The Science of Ozone Treatment :-

So how does that work? Ozone is directly injected into the coolant killing bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus and molds, while eliminating coolant sump odors.

# The Positive Effects of Ozone Treatment on Metalworking Fluids

  • Extended Coolant Life
  • Elimination of Odors, Clogged Coolant Lines, andSlime in Sumps
  • Decreased Employee Health Issues

# Eliminate your Coolant issues

Looking for ways to eliminate the issues caused by bacteria in your Coolant tanks and how to cut costs while you do it ?

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how to kill bacteria in coolant tank of CNC machine

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  1. The most powerfull method to improve sump life of coolant oil.


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