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Nashik Office
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Nashik Office
Enabling your Machining Success.

Cutting Tool Division - CTD

How can you Benefit with Tooling Solution from MechMatrix?

  • Tool Selection
  • Cycle time Study
  • Proving out of Complements on machine
  • Process improvement recommendations.

Metal Working Fluids - MWF

Coolant Management Services

  • Your Machines our responsibility. Depend on us for providing reliable services in Coolant Management.

Oil Monitoring Services

  • Get the most out of your Coolants. Mechmatrix helps you reduce your cooling costs

Application Engineering

  • We Provide Technical Assistance in selecting right product for your needs.


  • Training of Shop floor personnel in correct method of usage of Coolants.

Right Practices

  • To be followed to increase productivity and get better from your cutting fluids

Benchmarking Services

  • Calculations of per day Quantity of Oil and Water used on your Shop floor.
  • Calculation of per day Cost of Oil and Water
  • Average Concentration Maintained during usage period
  • Benchmarking of Coolant Consumption Concentration and Sump Life for reducing Operating costs.


  • Regarding proper selection of Clamps to suit the application through interaction with your shop floor personnel.


  • Special sizes and types of Clamps can be provided to suit customer specific needs.

Machine Tool Division - MTD

Best Choice

  • Get access to the best manufacturers of machinery in the business. Expand your options. We help you evaluate wisely. Choose the Best for you.

After Sales Services

  • Trust Mechmatrix to offer you prompt and positive after sales service when you need it the most.


  • Training and Upgradation services to get the most of out your machine

Reduce Cost

  • Talk to us how you can increase productivity with your existing machines.

Single Window Services

  • Enjoy ease of Transaction with MechMatrix. Not only the machine we can offer you allied equipment such as Accessories, Tool holders, Cutting Tools, Workholding systems and Cutting fuilds.