Metal Working Fluids
Mechmatrix is proud to offer extensive range of metal working fluids & related equipment suitable for new generation machines as well as machines with demanding work conditions.

Product Range

  • Cutting fluids: Water miscible.
  • Cutting fluids: Neat oils.
  • Industrial cleaners for coolant tank &machine surface cleaning.
  • Hydraulic oils. with special additives in various grades.
  • Rust preventive products in various grades to suit your exact requirements.

Mechmatrix: Your Preferred Coolant Supplier

  • Coolant management services Your machines our responsibility.
    Depend on us for providing reliable services in Coolant Management.
  • Oil monitoring services Get the most out of your coolants. Mechmatrix helps you reduce your cost by providing effective services to help you save continually on Cost of Coolant.
  • Application engineering we provide technical assistance in selecting right product for your demanding needs.
  • Training of shop floor personnel in the correct method of usage of M.W.F, Right practices to be followed to increase productivity & get better results from your cutting fluids.

What Benefits can it mean for you?

Our selection of superior high performance cutting fluids together with coolant management services ensure that you get better performance from your cutting fluid leading to advantages such as better finish on work price, increase in tool life. All this leading to satisfied and happier shop floor personnel, greener machines and more economical sense to you.

At Mechmatrix, we see coolant management services as a dependable way to deliver value of our customers. Using our competency of product and process knowledge we aim to understand and then solve specific problems encountered by you. For you the results of these translate into higher productivity.
Lower costs & increase in profitability.

Mechmatrix is equipped with:

  • Factory Trained personnel for providing Coolant Management services.
  • Requisite Tools and Instruments for Cutting Fluid Monitoring.
  • Laboratory services for Chemical analysis of products can be arranged by us.
  • We also offer Related performance enhancing products such as:
    Oil Skimmers, Magnetic & Paper Filters, Special Additives for Coolant performance enhancement, Monitoring Aids such as Refractometers and Ph Meters.