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Radial Drilling All Geared Heavy Duty   Radial Drilling Modular Arm
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38mm Auto Feed Drilling Machine   25mm Auto Feed Drilling Cum Tapping Machine
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Auto Feed Drilling Machine   Multi Spindle Drilling Heads
MechMatrix offers TOTAL SOLUTIONS for your drilling & tapping operations. For Machine shops, tool rooms, Components manufacturing & fabrication.
  Feature   Dimension
  High speed sensitive bench drill machine   up to 6mm & 13mm
  High accuracy bench drilling machines   Dia 13.20 & 25mm
  Pillar drill machine manual & auto feed   Dia 25 & 40mm
  Tapping / drilling cum tapping machines   up to m12, m16 & m20
  Tapping attachments   M3-M12, M8-M20
  Quick change drilling cum tapping chucks   for tools with MT1 to MT4
  Drilling and tapping spindle heads   drill up to 20mm, tapping M20
  Tapping chucks & collects   for conventional drill machines CNC lathes & CNC milling machines
  Auto feed drilling machines   up to 50mm in steel
  Tapping paste (miscible in coolant)   increase life of tap, reduce tapping cost

Services provided by Mechmatrix

  Technical guidance in selecting the right product to suit your application.
  Prompt after sales Service
  Your reliable link with manufacturer putting customer interests first.
  On site training & demonstration to your shop floor personnel regarding various drilling & tapping accessories & attachments.

The Mechmatrix Advantage

  Not only the machine, we offer complete solutions comprising of: Machine, Adaptors & Holders, Job clamping devices & cutting tools.
  Utilize Mechmatrix experience & exposes in choosing the right model / branch. Mechmatrix helps you in choosing the rights option.
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