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Tool Rack   Tool Trolley
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Tool Trolley with Cabinet   Tool Trolley
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Tool Cabinet   Tool Cabiet
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Tool Cabinet For Lathe   Work Bench With Cabinet
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Tool Setting Fixture   Tool Dettings
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Tool Tray   End Milll & Drill Tray
Tool Storage Systems
Mechmatrix offers Cost Effective, Ergonomically Designed & Long lasting Tools Storage systems designed to store your important Tools, Fixtures & Instruments Securely & Safely.

Most useful for

  Machine Shops for Tool Storage od CNC Turing and Machine Centre Toolings.
  Assembly Shos for Segmented and Modular storage of Multiple variety of products.


  TOOL TROLLEY Suitable for Machining Centre and CNC Tooholders. Available in ISO / BT / HSK / DIN Standards
  TOOL CABINET Suitable for Valuable Cutting Tools, Tool Holders, Fixtures, Measuring Instruments, Guages etc.
  TOOL HOLDER RACK Economical and Sturdy products for Storage of Heavy Toolholders in Machine Shop.
  TOOL CLAMPING Useful in Reducing Accidents during Assembly / FIXTURE Removal of Inserts / Cutters / Pull Studs / Morse Taper Holders etc. Set Tools Faster and Cheaper.

Why MECHMATRIX Tool Storage Systems?

  Ensure Safety of High Value Tools, Guages, Measuring Equipment with use of proper Storage Products.
  Save Space Optimize use of Valuable Space using ergonomically designed products.
  Save Money Only reliable products are bought to our customers which are Long Lasting due to Study Built quality to endure Rough Usage and Save Money by avoiding frequent repairs and have a longer Service Life.
  Systemize Incorporate Better Housekeeping Practices on your shop Floor through use of proper Storage Equipment.

With MECHMATRIX Tool Storage Systems

  Organize your Shop Floor Better.
  Makes your Tools Fast and Easy to Retreive. Just when you need them the most.
  Stay Ahead of the competition Better Organised Workplace reflects in confident Employees and translates into impressed Clients taking you closer to you being a preferred vendor.

Features of Mechmatrix Tool Storage systems

  We provide Modular Partitions in Drawers easily adaptable to suit your Tool Dimension.
  Provision for Labelling No time wasted in Lookingaround for Tools. Retreive Tools quickly through systematice use of proper Labelling.
  Safe Store your Valuable Tools on your Shop Floor itself with Confidence. Safely through provision of Locks in Shelves / Drawer Compartements.
  Reliable Design No more Tools Rolling Off Shelves causing Nicks, Crack ets.