Cutting Tools Department
Mechmatrix offers One stop shop for Complete CNC tooling solutions on a turnkey basis.


Wide Range of Innovative Tools delivering High Performance for Cost Effective and Superior Machining.
  • High Performance Tools for Milling.
  • HSC / HPC High Speed Machining Programme.
  • Tools and Inserts for Turning
  • ECOCUT - Drilling, Turning, Facing and Boring With Only ONE Tool. Ideal for High Volume component Manufacturing with Multiple Operations.


Carmex specialises in the production of Threading Solutions for Wide Range of Applications.
  • Tool Holders and Inserts for Thread Turning - External and Internal.
  • Tool Holders and Inserts for Thread Milling.

    Nachi offers a wide range of Bandsaw Blades suitable for Metal Sawing (BandSaw) machines. The Blades Feature Dual back Angle to strengthen the Positive Rake Angle. These Blades reduce Vibrations and Noise during Cutting Most suitable for Complex Cross Sections and profiled Cross sections.
    WIN with Combination of NACHI + MECHMATRIX. We not Bring Blades to you but also offer detailed Technical Assistance and Guidance to your Shop Floor Personnel in various aspects of Bandsawing operations. Make Bandsawing Simpler and Effective with us.


    • Offers Indexable Insert type Spade Drills with standard L/D ratio of 1: 20.
    • Patented Geometry GEN3SYS enabling Highest feed rates for Economical Drilling.
    • Burnishing Geometry on Inserts ensure Reaming is avoided in most Cases.


    HITTCO is a Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Solid Carbide Cutting Tools. Manufactured to meet your exacting requirements in Dimensional Accuracy. Tools are made from Sub Micron Grade Carbide with Micrograin structure of less than 0.005mm and with 10% Cobalt. Cutting Edge Geometries that Guarantee Performance. Accuracies and Long Service Life when used on Machining Centres with High Speed & Feed Rates.
    How Can You Benefit with Tooling solutions from MECHMATRIX
    • Tool selection
    • Cycle time study
    • Proving out of complements on machine
    • Process improvement recommendations.
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    High Feed Milling Cutters H.S.C   Thread Turning Inserts & Holders
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    Bi Metal Bandsaw Blades   Solid Carbide Milling Tools
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    Drills Indexable Insert Type   Die Mold Milling Programme
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    Thread Milling Inserts & Holders   Bandsaw Blades
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    Accuport Milling Cutters